Kitty Cole excels in coaching and training in the real estate and lending industries.

Kitty’s Mission Statement:
“I am a very successful coach, trainer, speaker and author with a gift for empowering others to reach their own limitless potential.

I feel my greatest strength is my ability to see ‘what’s in the way’ for each client I coach. Identifying that belief is the magic ingredient behind my coaching. Removing the block makes your confidence and income soar!”

Linda Traurig, currently a top producing agent, is also an experienced coach and trainer.

Linda’s Mission Statement:
“I approach my coaching practice and my business with a foundation of integrity and truly caring about my clients. No matter what the circumstances, I always want to do what’s right for the client. Known to have a listening ear and a keen sense of intuition I am able to quickly get to the root of the issue and assist in developing a plan to overcome and get to the next level.”



You may choose from existing courses or ask us to customize. Training content is suitable for small and large groups.


Kitty or Linda will listen carefully (reading between the lines) to understand your specific goals and create a custom plan to achieve them. They are extraordinarily intuitive, often helping clients with breakthrough thinking.


We will listen to identify key areas of concern and develop strategies to overcome them. Topics include all the day-to-day components of running a company such as sales, business planning, marketing and leadership development.

Upcoming Classes

April 28

Powerful Presentation Skills

  • 16 Key Tips
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Case Studies and Role plays

Location: Walnut Creek
Time: 9am to 12pm
Fee: $129

May 4

How to Create an Extraordinary Listing Presentation

  • A 24-page Listing Presentation
  • The verbiage to accompany it
  • How to address commission
  • How to develop rapport with sellers!

Location: Bay East Association of Realtors
Time: 1pm to 4pm
Fee: $129

June 23

Business Development

  • 20+ great social media and video ideas
  • 30 lead gen ideas that work
  • Farming for results
  • Scripts for open houses, asking for business, etc
  • 8 networking tips
  • How to work expireds and absentee owners

Location: Walnut Creek
Time: 9am to 12pm
Fee: $129

July 27

How to Work with and Keep Your Buyers!

  • How to build trust and the relationship
  • An excellent buyer’s questionnaire
  • Educating the buyers upfront
  • 10+ tips to set yourself apart
  • How to develop buyer loyalty

Location: Walnut Creek
Time: 9am to 12pm
Fee: $129


Real Estate from A to Z

Kitty Cole, veteran Bay Area real estate coach and trainer, has written this practical, fun and comprehensive guide to help you build a fulfilling and financially-lucrative career in real estate.

Her compelling book includes how to present an extraordinary listing presentation (and sign 90% of the listings), capture buyers at Open Houses, fire clients, negotiate masterfully (and win), and make yourself memorable.
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The Best Listing Presentation Video

This video, The Best Listing Presentation, was designed to complement the dense listing presentation chapter in Kitty’s book. Watch this video to fully comprehend the ‘how, why, what and when’ of a listing presentation. Simply, it works!
Premium content

Content Worksheets for 3 Marketing Projects

Kitty is a believer in creating custom marketing collateral to set yourself apart – a personal brochure, a listing presentation, and buyer’s handbook.
Included are raw blueprints in WORD format. You may edit these to make them fit your own style and voice. Each document contains suggested verbiage that has been used by hundreds of agents. It will give you insight into what works. Contact Kitty to engage her to edit and design with you.
Read more about Kitty's Marketing Services at
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Business Forms

Kitty created these 10 forms (all editable) to save you hours of time. And you can customize them to track your clients, production, business and more. Kitty included 3 additional forms not in her book, Real Estate from A to Z.
The Forms Included:
  • 5-Year Business Plan Worksheet
  • Buyer Showing Record
  • Initial Buyer Questionnaire
  • Initial Seller Questionnaire
  • Pipeline Tracking
  • Production Tracking
  • Team Commission Splits
  • Annual Marketing Plan
  • Seller Process
  • Buyer Process
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