Real Estate Training

Kitty Cole trains individuals in a group setting to be more productive personally and professionally. A consistent theme running throughout is attitude as Kitty believes being positive produces positive results. If your organization’s needs are unique, we’re happy to tailor topics according to specific requests.

A former top producer and sales manager herself, Kitty shares tips and techniques in classes designed for new and experienced agents to set themselves apart from the competition.

Individual Classes Include:

Business Portfolio

In this workshop, real estate agents and others who can benefit from a marketing package to promote themselves develop a “professional portfolio” that helps cement the relationship with a potential client early in the process. The results are tremendous. The cost for this 3-hour workshop is $89 per person.

Time Management

Three components of time management – relationships, systems and concepts,  organize your business. We will address every component of your business – How you manage your schedule, your procrastination, your email, your clients that need to be fired and more. The cost for this 3-hour class is $89 per person. 

Negotiation Mastery

Mastering negotiation comes with practice. Study the subtle nuances of negotiation through lecture, role play and a case study.  Thorough preparation, listening, building trust, identifying barriers, and joint problem solving will be covered. The cost for this 3-hour class is $89 per person.

An Extraordinary Listing Presentation

This intensive, high-level class to differentiate you from the competition. The material covers pre-prospect preparation, staging tips, an excellent 4-phase marketing plan, handling the commission question, additional services and other seller objections. Both new and experienced agents benefit from the class. You will be able to prepare for a presentation in 2 hours or less. The cost for this 3-hour workshop is $89 per person.

Powerful Presentation Skills

Increase the effectiveness of your public speaking skills and raise your awareness of the power that good presentation skills; they impact all aspects of your life. Learn to be comfortable with small or large groups using simple techniques that you will practice and master. Kitty will coach you on the verbal and non-verbal messages that you may be communicating. The cost for this 3-hour class is $89 per person.


The Next Level 1 Course

A 10-week program to increase production and accountability. Topics include Business Planning, Business Portfolio, Listing Presentation, Time Management, Working with Buyers, Business Development / Marketing / Branding, Social Media, Annual Sphere of Influence Program, Presentation Skills, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation. Includes role plays, scripts and template letters.
Cost: $1300. 

Group Coaching Course

A 4-week program (2 hours per week) to keep the prospecting and production at a high level immediately following The Next Level I Course. Exercises are designed to dramatically increase communication effectiveness; they cover optimism, a values questionnaire, trust versus confidence and authenticity.
Cost: $450.

The EDGE Course

A 4-week program (2 hours per week) program that teaches how to work with communication styles that are difficult for you. Incorporates NLP, Myers Briggs, Disc Profiles and Emotional Intelligence.
Cost: $450.

Success Stories

“A heartfelt thank you for the guidance and wisdom you shared in The Next Level classes. It was exactly what I needed and I wish I had taken the course sooner. A heartfelt thanks for the fantastic Listing Class last week! Hands down the best I have taken.”
Meredith Kummell, Coldwell Banker, Danville

“Thank you for what you have done in my life. You know, the work that you do is really setting captives free. People living in the prisons of their own fears and self-doubts. People who think they might want to play big, but who stay small by banging against the prison bars of their own internal governors set to slow them down. What you do, Kitty, is you take the governors off.  Whether it’s fear, or self-loathing, or insecurity, or even just playing too small because it never occurred to us what could be done. You set captives free to become great.”
Mariah Bradford, Empire Realty Associates, Walnut Creek

“I don’t take many classes. I find them more a cheerleading session and if I spend the time doing what they talk about instead of listening, I’m far more productive. Your class has more to offer than all the ones I attended to date put together!” 
Michelle Stephens, Climb

“Thank you Kitty, your classes are so inspiring and positive. I always learn something new. Loved your Extraordinary Listing Presentation, the materials are so valuable. I am feeling super confident, enthusiastic, and well prepared!”
Cathy Baigent, Dudum Real Estate

“I had such good momentum, closing 8 deals during the class!!!  I want to reach 20 for the year. Thank you so much for all your help and all the positive energy I got from you and the class.  It helped me breakthrough!! I am working on not stressing out either and letting go of the small stuff (like a perfectly clean house!) and enjoying vacation and family time. Thank you.”
Catherine Krueger, Marvin Gardens, El Cerrito

“Simply stated, Kitty Cole is the best coach I’ve ever worked with and I’ve worked with several over the years. I met Kitty in 2003, and instantly knew she was the one who could help me, not only in my business but in life in general. She was able to help me with my business but because I wanted help in all the areas/circles of my life, she’s been the key to getting me back on track. She’s extremely knowledgeable, quick, talented, gifted, intuitive, articulate, and more importantly, caring and giving and really wants to help people succeed.  I can’t imagine where I’d be without her!”
Linda Traurig, Alain Pinel Realtors, Pleasanton

“Kitty’s training sessions not only left me “jazzed” with enthusiasm and confidence but also gave me hands-on and powerful tools that were relevant to my market which I could implement right away! Integrity and accountability are at the core of Kitty’s teaching… Over and over again, Kitty demonstrates the notion that setting goals and defining a plan is the most important cornerstone for success. Paying attention to individual and local needs, she then provides powerful tools, lists and verbiage for every element of our business which we can easily reference at all times…. The systems we learned to implement with Kitty’s training (have and) will drive my business for years to come. From the time I started working with Kitty, as one of the newer agents in our office, my business increased almost 4-fold.”
Anja Plowright, The GRUBB Company, Oakland

“My confidence and skills are greater, my listing presentation is better, and in eight months, I have a 120% increase in closings over last year. My portfolio is definitely one of my most powerful real estate tools. My listing success rate has soared with its use. It helps me establish rapport with buyers and quickly gain their confidence and loyalty.”
Heidi Long, Red Oak Realty, Berkeley

“Your class was the most profound life-changing course that I have ever attended. The results in my career have been astounding. My income year to date is three times more than my entire last year’s earnings. My production allows me to become number four in the company. Can you believe it? I owe so much of my success to you. I did just what you told me to do. You are the best trainer I have ever known. You have helped to bring balance and success to my life. Thank you!”
Marta Riedy, Prudential California Realty, Fremont

“…Kitty is dedicated, experienced and smart.  The Next Level class is not about theory, it’s about moving ahead rapidly and successfully in the practice of real estate here in the highly competitive Bay Area. I had little confidence and a lot of doubt when I began the class.”
Tom Knight, Associate Broker, Berkeley Hills Realty

“Just wanted to let you know that the last 2 listings I competed for I got the listings.  In both cases I sent the client the Business Portfolio in advance. Both had read it and remarked how impressive it was.  When we met for the first time it was if they had already known me. I am quite sure it made a big and lasting impression.”
Nancy Mueller, Berkeley Hills Realty

“Kitty Cole has been my business coach off and on since 2001. The coaching was really beneficial, but the key was that it gave me the confidence to know that I could do anything I wanted to do. Teaching me to “just do it”, she showed me how to go through the fear. I now have a “can do” attitude. She helped me design marketing materials, write letters, and role play tough situations, coming up with the right verbiage for many challenging conversations. I also now have a brochure, which I never had before.  When anything difficult comes up, I go to Kitty. She is my mentor and coach and I respect her greatly. As a result, my production is in the top 5% of our company. I believe having Kitty Cole as my Business Coach has been instrumental to the success of my business.” 
Darlene Espinoza, Cross Country Mortgage

“I have worked with Kitty for years to develop my business acumen and achieve my professional goals. My production is over $93 million now, having increased well over 100%. As my coach, Kitty has helped me identify and leverage my strengths, and challenged me to overcome certain impediments. Her patience and precision in guiding me with straightforward directives, and in holding me accountable for my success, has made all the difference. Moreover, Kitty is incredibly resourceful and has a genuine gift for connecting people and ideas with possibilities and real results. Kitty is not just another business coach – she is among the best in her class.”
Dianne Crosby, Guaranteed Rate, Oakland