Individual Coaching

As your coach, Kitty or Linda will listen carefully (reading between the lines) to understand your specific goals and create a custom plan to achieve them. They help you discover any self-defeating beliefs and eliminate them. These two caring, patient, and empathetic individuals help you focus and get committed in a safe, confidential environment. They are extraordinarily intuitive, often helping clients with breakthrough thinking.  

Clients have said coaching with this energetic team is motivating and liberating. Some are amazed by the power they find within. Common concerns are increasing income, marketing, branding, time management, conflict resolution, and inability to start or finish projects. Others have worked on personal matters – weight loss, life balance and relationships. Personal coaching may be your wisest investment. 

Individual Coaching fees range from $220 – $275/hour.

Coaching topics include:

  • Business Planning
  • Business Portfolio (credentials package)
  • Accountability
  • Marketing – both digital and print
  • Prospecting
  • Business Development
  • Time Management
  • Skill Development: communication, conflict resolution, negotiation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Website Development
  • Optimism
  • Men and Women in the Workplace (how to work with the opposite sex)
  • Working with Diversity

Group Coaching

Kitty offers group coaching for Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and others. She suggests that the individuals agree in advance to shared coaching goals and to the number of coaching sessions. The fee ranges from $320 to $375 per hour, depending on the number of participants. This can save a significant amount of money for those with a budget.

Success Stories

“I have known and been coached by Kitty on an “as needed” basis for over 20 years.  Whatever goal I have presented, Kitty has enabled me to get there. (Off the record, I refer to her as my “Real Estate Shrink.”)  When my goal was to increase my price point, she helped me accomplish this goal. When my goal was to increase my price point and annual production, she helped me accomplish this goal. Kitty is 150% serious about her work and effectiveness in helping her clients reach their goals.  Her gift for getting to the crux of an issue coupled with her strong intuitive abilities and compassion put her in the top 1% of coaching trainers.  Above and beyond her abundant inherent talents and skills, she has undertaken extensive professional training, is smart, well-read, naturally curious, and has a keen sense of humor and love of fun.  There is never a time when she isn’t investigating new resources and seeking to expand her skills and ability to teach and train. She has contributed greatly to my personal success in real estate and has my unqualified vote of confidence.”
Chris Cohn, Pacific Union, Berkeley

“You have changed my life drastically. Do you know you are the first person in my life who has taught me that it is okay to make a mistake? You have helped me to make a major breakthrough in my ‘language barrier.’ You have made me feel very special and a unique human being. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your efforts in teaching me how to become a superstar. “
Betty Sun Wong, Compass Real Estate, San Francisco

“I worked with Kitty Cole when I was first hired as manager of the Berkeley office of Prudential California Realty. Her skills and mentorship made it possible for me to craft a workable business plan, project office production, hire productive agents and get my office on the success track quickly. She is the most creative and insightful trainer I have ever met. My office is thriving, and much of our success is directly attributable to Kitty.”
Elizabeth Stevens, Prudential California Realty, Manager, Berkeley