Kitty Cole and Associates

Kitty Cole & Associates

Kitty Cole & Associates excels in commissioned –based sales training and coaching.  She offers a comprehensive program to bring about remarkable increases in personal and professional productivity.

In group settings or one-on-one, Kitty creates a challenging yet psychologically safe environment. Participants build their capacities to plan, communicate and manage their business with renewed energy and confidence. The result? Achievement of financial and life goals.

Three Services: 


♦ Training ~ Select from existing courses or ask us to customize. Training content and methodology suitable for small and large groups alike.
♦ Coaching ~ Individual sessions, clients to identify issues, set goals and create a plan of action. Clients are held accountable for weekly commitments.
♦ Consulting ~  Identify key areas of concern and develop strategies to manage them. Topics include all the day-to-day components of running a company, such as sales, business planning, marketing and leadership development among others. 



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