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A heartfelt thank you for the guidance and wisdom you shared in The Next Level classes. It was exactly what I needed and I wish I had taken the course sooner.

Meredith Kummell, Coldwell Banker, Danville


“I just took Kitty’s Business Planning class. I thought she put on a great class. I had several great ideas within the 1st half hour. I very much enjoyed the content of her class as well as her style of teaching. The 4-hour class went by very quickly and I think that always speaks volumes about the quality of the teacher. I’ve already signed up for her listing presentation class.”

Roy D, Intero Real Estate

“Dear Kitty, It was a pleasure to see your smiling face at the Business Planning Class. I loved the information you shared – very informative and motivating for 2015! Please let me know when you have others!”

Thanks, Lisa Marroquin, San Francisco

I don't take many classes. I find them more a cheer leading session and if I spend the time doing what they talk about instead of listening, I'm far more productive. Your class has more to offer than all the ones I attended to date put together! Thank you. I'll let you know when I get my marketing done.

All the best,

Michelle Stephens


"Thank you Kitty, your classes are so inspiring and positive. I always learn something new. Loved your Extraordinary Listing Presentation, the materials are so valuable. I am feeling super confident, enthusiastic, and well prepared!'

Cathy Baigent, Dudum Real Estate


“I wanted to thank you for the great Listing Presentation Class – Very informative and filled with information I can put into place immediately!”

Cynthia Schaeffer, Coldwell Banker


“A heartfelt thanks for the fantastic Listing Class last week! Hands down the best I have taken.

Meredith Kummel, Coldwell Banker


Comments about The Next Level Course:

"I had such good momentum, closing 8 deals during the class!!!  Now I am stuck at 13 deals and I want to reach 20 for the year.  My kids are leaving for 2 months so now I will get back on track!!  

Thank you so much for all your help and all the positive energy I got from you and the class.  It helped me break through!!  I need to change my yearly income projection of $100,000 since I have reached $140,000 already!  I am working on not stressing out either and letting go of the small stuff (like a perfectly clean house!) and enjoying vacation and family time. Thank you."

Catherine Krueger, Marvin Gardens, El Cerrito

image"Simply stated, Kitty Cole is the best coach I’ve ever worked with and I’ve worked with several over the years. I met Kitty in 2003, and instantly knew she was the one who could help me, not only in my business but in life in general.  I’ve worked with and met several other coaches in the past, and Kitty is the coach to work with.  


I must admit, I took a break from coaching for a while when the real estate market started to turn because I thought I couldn’t afford it.  I was very, very mistaken, I later realized I couldn’t afford NOT to work with a coach, as my focus, my business, and my entire life took a turn downward.  After reconnecting with Kitty, and asking her to set me straight, my business and my life are back on track.  She was able to help me with my business but because I wanted help in all the areas/circles of my life, she’s been the key to getting me back on track.  She can be as “easy” on you as you want, but for me (and I think most of us), I needed some major accountability, and asked her to really push me and she has, very nicely I must add.  I never feel like I’ve just been beat up or anything!Kitty is truly the best coach I’ve ever met.  She’s extremely knowledgeable, quick, talented, gifted, intuitive, articulate, and more importantly caring and giving and really wants to help people succeed.  I can’t imagine where I’d be without her!"


Linda Traurig, Alain Pinel Realtors, Pleasanton


"Kitty’s training sessions not only left me “jazzed” with enthusiasm and confidence, but also gave me hands-on and powerful tools that were relevant to my market which I could implement right away! Integrity and accountability are at the core of Kitty’s teaching...

Over and over again, Kitty demonstrates the notion that setting goals and defining a plan is the most important cornerstone for success. Kitty’s training begins with your individual business (and personal) objectives. She breaks down the key success factors contributing to our business and systematically coaches her students to optimize each of them. Paying attention to individual and local needs, she then provides powerful tools, lists and verbiage for every element of our business which we can easily reference at all times.... The systems we learn implement with Kitty’s training (have and) will drive my business for years to come.

From the time I started working with Kitty, as one of the newer agents in our office, my business increased almost 4-fold to a consistent production of 3-4 escrows/ month over the last 2 ½ years."

Anja Plowright, The GRUBB Company, Oakland

"My confidence and skills are greater, my listing presentation is better, and in eight months, I have a 120% increase in closings over last year. The camaraderie in the class was really important, too.
My prospectus is definitely one of my most powerful real estate tools. I like to send it to prospects before we meet as a way of establishing my credentials. My listing success rate has soared with its use. It helps me establish rapport with buyers and quickly gain their confidence and loyalty. I'm sold on the prospectus!
P.S. My production is steady at about 2 1/2 times before I took the program."

Heidi Long, Red Oak Realty, Berkeley

"Your class was the most profound life-changing course that I have ever attended. The results in my career have been astounding. My income year to date is three times more than my entire last year's earnings. My production allows me to become number four in the company. Can you believe it? I owe so much of my success to you. I did just what you told me to do. You are the best trainer I have ever known. You have helped to bring balance and success to my life. Thank you!"

Marta Riedy, Prudential California Realty, Fremont


"We are all extremely excited about the Next Level Training starting this month. Having observed your results oriented successes with associates at all levels of experience, it did not surprise us that the group just completing six months with you has production increase better than anticipated. They had fun while learning, have a renewed appreciation for the need to balance their personal and business worlds and take with them your wonderfully effective techniques.

We are proud to have you on our team and look forward to more of your wisdom, caring style and creative ability to bring out the best in all of us. We are ‘raving fans' ."

Michael Monozon, Broker/owner, Prudential California Realty, San Bruno


"Culture shock! Recently I moved from a rural real estate practice in the far reaches of northern California where I was the only broker in town, to a prestigious independent Berkeley brokerage. I was used to making deals with a handshake at the Diner and using a paper contract. Suddenly I found myself in an office with agents who had been there for 30 years or had MBAs and PhDs, or both. Yikes! I was very intimidated. I had no local database or any idea where to start. Fortunately, my broker had taken Kitty Cole’s The Next Level class and knew that would help me get started.....

....Kitty is dedicated, experienced and smart.  The Next Level class is not about theory, it’s about moving ahead rapidly and successfully in the practice of real estate here in the highly competitive Bay Area. One last comment:  I had little confidence and a lot of doubt when I began the class. The Final Exam was Tuesday. This is Friday and I have three Buyers under contract.  Kitty did not pay me to write this. I volunteered out of gratitude for what I learned."

Tom Knight, Associate Broker, Berkeley Hills Realty

"Just wanted to let you know that the last 2 listings I competed for I got the listings.  In both cases I sent the client the Business Portfolio in advance.  Both had read it and remarked how impressive it was.  When we met for the first time it was if they had already known me.  I am quite sure it made a big and lasting impression.  Thanks for helping me get the Portfolio finished and the listings signed up!"

Nancy Mueller, Berkeley Hills Realty

Mortgage Brokerage Success Stories


Kitty Cole has been my business coach off and on since 2001. The coaching was really beneficial, but the key was that it gave me the confidence to know that I could do anything I wanted to do. Teaching me to “just do it”, she showed me how to go through the fear. I now have a “can do” attitude.

She helped me design marketing materials, write letters, and role play tough situations, coming up with the right verbiage for many challenging conversations. I also now have a brochure, which I never had before.  When anything difficult comes up, I go to Kitty.  She is my mentor and coach and I respect her greatly.

As a result, my production is in the top 5% of our company. I believe having Kitty Cole as my Business Coach has been instrumental to the success of my business.

"I have worked with Kitty for years to develop my business acumen and achieve my professional goals.  My production is over 93 million now, having increased well over 100%. As my coach, Kitty has helped me identify and leverage my strengths, and challenged me to overcome certain impediments.  Her patience and precision in guiding me with straightforward directives, and in holding me accountable for my success, has made all the difference.  Moreover, Kitty is incredibly resourceful and has a genuine gift for connecting people and ideas with possibilities and real results.  Kitty is not just another business coach - she is among the best in her class."

Dianne Crosby, LaSalle Financial (part of RPM Mortgage), Oakland 

"I could have never handled my management job and my origination without Kitty’s help with coaching and goal setting. I totally left that piece of my world to her and it paid me back with big dividends. I had total confidence in her expertise and guidance and she was able to bring out the best in each of my loan agents. I had total confidence that she would coach them through “ thick and thin” so I could focus on my other tasks."

Sue Thomas, Manager, LaSalle Financial, Oakland

"I worked with Kitty on a weekly basis for 18 months. I had a number of professional goals in mind when we began our work, including to become a President’s Club member and to be in the Top 30 within RPM (LaSalle’s parent company). I have consistently been in the Top 30 for three years now and have been in the President’s Club for two years in a row. My loan production continues to grow dramatically each year."

Melissa Milton, LaSalle Financial, Oakland


"I decided to work with Kitty because I knew Sue Thomas, Dianne Crosby and Zach Griffin all had worked with her.Kitty has helped me put more focus on developing my leadership skills while still managing the branch.  My goal: To reach the next level and keep my production levels in the top 10 to 15.  She occasionally reviews emails so I am clear that I am getting my point across before I hit "send". Kitty is helping me see myself differently and to look at the bigger picture."


Linda Zaiss, Manager, Residential Pacific Mortgage, Pleasanton



"Regarding The Next Level - I loved it and have absolutely stepped up my business because of you.  During the 8 week class I acquired a builder that is now using me as their preferred lender.  I have contacted my Realtors more frequently and the portfolio you helped us design is going out to current clients, past clients and business partners regularly.  A one day seminar gives ideas, but your 8-week class held me accountable to implementing ideas.  Thanks again."

Todd Utikal, Senior Loan Officer, RPM Mortgage, Livermore


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