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Real Estate Coaching

With an unusual ability to identify the issues, Kitty will zero in on the critical areas of improvement. She coaches on every topic imaginable in residential real estate and often includes life coaching when needed. Agent results include earning $120,000 in the first year of business to taking 80% of the listings the agent goes for. One agent, who addressed her negative attitude with Kitty, now earns in excess of $500,000.



Coaching Topics:


♦  Business Plan and Goals
♦  Business Portfolio (credentials package) 

♦  Database Management by Building Relationships

♦  Prospecting

♦  Annual Marketing Plan

♦  Internet Presence

♦  Time Management

♦  Communication Skills
♦  Conflict Resolution Skills
♦  Negotiation Skills

♦  Website Development

♦  Focus and Balance


Price per hour: $225 for face to face coaching.  Phone coaching: $175 hour.  Kitty also offers Group Coaching in small groups of 2 to 4 people. Price per hour:  $225 - $325.

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