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In a safe, confidential environment, learn how to better manage your attitude and behavior to achieve more of what you want. Identify and eliminate the barriers to your personal productivity and satisfaction. Design your own personal path to success. Sound impossible?


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Not with Kitty Cole as your coach. Kitty helps you set goals and create a plan to achieve them. She helps you discover any self-defeating beliefs and eliminate them. Then, with an established plan, you contract with yourself to make progress on a regular basis. Kitty is there - in person - to assist you with focus and commitment.

Clients maintain this experience is motivating and liberating. Some are amazed by the power and energy they find within. Many have worked with Kitty to tackle business issues such as increasing income, time management, conflict resolution, and inability to start or finish projects. Others have worked with Kitty on more personal matters – weight loss, life balance and relationships. Regardless of your desires, personal coaching may be your wisest investment.

Coaching topics include:
♦  Business Planning
♦  Business Portfolio (credentials package)
♦  Accountability
♦  Marketing - both internet and print
♦  Prospecting
♦  Business Development
♦  Time Management
♦  Skill Development: communication, conflict resolution, negotiation
♦  Presentation Skills
♦  Web Site Development
♦  Optimism
♦  Men and Women in the Workplace (how to work with the opposite sex)

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