Courses Include:


The Next Level I

A 10-week program to increase production and accountability. Topics include Business Planning, Business Portfolio, Listing Presentation, Time Management, Working with Buyers, Business Development/Marketing/Branding, Social Media, Annual Sphere of Influence Program, Presentation Skills, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation. Includes role plays, scripts and template letters. Cost: $1200. Payment plan offered.

The Next Level II

A 6-week course (2 hours per week) to increase listening, probing and reflecting skills. Includes a module on the difference in communication styles of men and women. Role plays and scripts are conducted every week. Includes 2 hours of coaching per person. Cost: $750.

Group Coaching Program

A 4-week program (2 hours per week) to keep the prospecting and production at a high level immediately following The Next Level I. Exercises are designed to  dramatically increase communication effectiveness; they cover optimism, a values questionnaire, trust versus confidence and authenticity. Cost: $450. 


A 4-week program (2 hours per week) program that teaches how to work with communications styles that are difficult for you. Incorporates NLP, Myers Briggs, Disc Profiles and Emotional Intelligence. Cost: $450.

Individual Classes include:

Business Portfolio

In this workshop, real estate agents and others who can benefit from a marketing package to promote themselves develop a "professional portfolio" that helps cement the relationship with a potential client early in the process. The results are tremendous. The cost for this 3-hour workshop is $89 per person.

An Extraordinary Listing Presentation

This intensive, high-level class to differentiate you from the competition. The material covers pre-prospect preparation, staging tips, an excellent 4-phase marketing plan, handling the commission question, additional services and other seller objections. Both new and experienced agents benefit from the class. You will be able to prepare for a presentation in 2 hours or less. The cost for this 3-hour workshop is $89 per person.

Marketing and Long Term Business Development

Learn how to build a business that will provide a pipeline continuously filled with present and future clients. Kitty will show you how to have 80% of your business walking to you. The class includes methods and scripts for: 1. Active Prospecting - Expired's, FSBO's, Door Knocking, Absentee Owners, Builders, Sphere of Influence, Past Clients, Agent Farming and Companies.  2. Passive Prospecting – E-newsletters, Blogging, Social Media Web Sites, Direct Mail Programs, Open House, Long Term Business Development. The cost for this 3-hour session is $89 per person.

Working with Buyers and Presenting Offers in a Multiple Offer Situation

Learn how to dramatically increase the possibility of getting your offer accepted in a multiple offer situation through preparation, documentation and delivery. Benefit from successful ideas implemented by some of the top agents in the Bay Area. Learn the methods to having a lower priced offer accepted even in steep competition. A 3-hour session, its cost is $89 per person.

Time Management

Three components of time management - relationships, systems and concepts,  organize your business. We will address every component of your business - How you manage your schedule, your procrastination, your email, your clients that need to be fired and more. The cost for this 3 hour class is $89 per person. 

Conflict Resolution

This class will teach you how to resolve conflict by paying attention to your words tone and body language.   You can diffuse anger and deliver difficult news in a neutral manner.   The class includes role-plays and methods to identify and improve your conflict resolution style. The cost for this 3 hour class is $89 per person.

Negotiation Mastery

Mastering negotiation comes with practice. Study the subtle nuances of negotiation through lecture, role play and a case study.  Thorough preparation, listening, building trust, identifying barriers, and joint problem solving will be covered. The cost for this 3-hour class is $89 per person.

Powerful Presentation Skills

Increase the effectiveness of your public speaking skills and raise your awareness of the power that good presentation skills; they impact all aspects of your life. Learn to be comfortable with small or large groups using simple techniques that you will practice and master. Kitty will coach you on the verbal and non-verbal messages that you may be communicating. The cost for this 3-hour class is $89 per person.

Past Client Annual Contact Program

Organize your “Stay in Touch” program so you never lose a previous client. The class includes many reasons to call or email clients, and 10 letters to stay in contact annually as well as many other tips that keep your clients loyal and referring you business. The cost for this 3-hour class is $89 per person. 

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